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Very useful comparison

I found this comparison extremely helpful.

Since changing to m4/3 I've always lusted after the Pro level lenses but the cost & weight have always been the critical factors for me. Plus as I only view images on my 23" monitor the comparison you've made does give me an indication of how much quality I would gain for an additional investment!

I downloaded all three jpegs and compared them on my monitor. To me at 100% views, as one would expect, there are clear benefits to the Pro level lenses over the 75-300 consumer lens. Obviously this would also apply to cropped images.

However, at around a 30% view (i.e. the image fills the monitor) the differences whilst being there are much less noticeable.  If I then put the cost of the lenses into the equation i.e. £300 v £1200 v £1800 and consider a cost/quality curve then, thankfully for me, I would be unable to justify to me (or my wife) the additional investment of the better lenses.

Incidentally I did manage to justify a second hand Panasonic 100-400 on additional reach / quality / cost grounds 

For me, this comparison has helped to quench my GAS  Thank you.

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