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Re: Thank You!

Jouko wrote:

Helps my decision... Going to refresh my setup from 75-300 and 50-200 SWD with 40-150mm + TC14 and TC20 this spring... Bit heavier than the 75-300, but more useful in the low light, and seems to work better than the 50-200 with EC's. And is a lot lighter than the 50-200.

PS. I have been satisfied with the IQ of the 75-300 - a great light tele for travels and especially at the shorter distances (less than 15m, about) sharp enough, if the lights are ok. The 50-200 has been a workhorse, but the limitations with some new tech (ProCapture, focus stacking etc).


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I did not conduct any controlled tests but I was impressed at the results from the 40-150 + mc-20. And the bare lens is just wonderful. IMO a great lightweight and flexible solution

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