M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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Re: Jpegs? Raw?

Henry Richardson wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Shooting jpegs or raw? Are you saying that shooting jpegs you are having these skin rendition problems?

If you are shooting Panasonic jpegs then which Recording Mode are you using? You should be using Portrait or possibly Natural. Not Standard, Vivid, or Scenery.

Note that with Olympus you should use Portrait or Muted.

Thanks. With the Panasonic cameras shooting JPEG, I was using Standard.

Panasonic Standard has high saturation and contrast and is often not a good choice for really good skin tones. Same for Olympus and pretty much all the other companies too. Usually the default jpeg setting is punchy (higher saturation and contrast and each company may have some other secret sauce they throw in to make things look good for most photos). Most or all companies also have a Portrait mode with lower saturation and contrast and designed to give much nicer skin tones. With film we used to have lots of standard color print films from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Konica, etc. that also tended to be more saturated and contrasty. Then there were the portrait color print films which, as you might guess, were designed for portraits and they had lower saturation and contrast.

Of course, white balance is also important, but for the moment let's assume you get that okay.

I suspect that one can get pleasing jpeg portraits from Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Leica, etc., but one must play around a bit and choose the best settings. In addition to the Portrait mode one can usually further adjust saturation and contrast.

Good luck!

Well that probably explains it then. I never thought to change the picture profile, only tried changing the WB settings to no avail. Even custom WB didn't work but if Standard is that aggressive with contrast and saturation, that would explain it. The photos did look better when shot in vintage and black and white filters though.

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