M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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Re: M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

Dexter75 wrote:

Thanks, but as I mentioned earlier, those are not my photos, they are just randoms I found online searching Olympus and Panasonic portraits. There are dozens more. So all of these different photographers have their settings wrong? I find that hard to believe and as I said, I dont see this issue with other cameras aside from Panasonic and Olympus M43 cameras. Thanks

With all due respect, presenting random images from other photographers where you can only guess at lighting and camera settings (at best ... ) is hardly meaningful.

Personally, I have never been overly impressed with Canon and Nikon colour science, but lots of people like either pastel or 'Kodachrome' colours. Same in the film era for all of the 50 years I used film cameras.

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