"Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

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Re: "Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

rapick wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

rapick wrote:

Is it a good move by the owner of an old (but still perfectly working) camera to buy a same one (used) as a safe (and relatively cheap!) source of spare parts?

It could be, and some do that.

The rest of your questions probably have numerous different answers depending on governmental jurisdictions.

So you are suggesting that to have my 8 years old Nikon, Canon or Sony serviced / repaired depends on whether I live in Switzerland or Swaziland?

Of course. There are two separate factors; the first is that consumer rights are determined by each country (or, as in the European Community, by associations of countries) so whether you are entitled to free repairs depends on the country. The second is that regardless of legal rights the makers can choose to establish repair centres in places that are commercially worthwhile to them; and they don't choose to set them up everywhere.

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