"Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

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Re: "Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

Unus wrote:

WillF wrote:

I only know that with Canon it was about seven years after end of manufacture when they told me "we don't service that model (S100) anymore"


How do they expect to stay in business with an attitude like that?

Just imagine if I took my 2013 Toyota in for service and they were like "sorry, we don't service that anymore." They would be sued out of existence.

Servicing cars is a regular thing, a major profit centre, and generator of traffic to the dealer.  Totally different thing.

They want you to bring your 2013 in so they can try to sell you a 2020 instead. They can always rip you off with the service price if you don't buy the 2020. Either way, they win big.

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