M6 II Shortcomings

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M6 II Shortcomings

Since the majority of camera reviews have a positive bias, lets balance things out by listing the M6 II lackings.
Some of these never get mentioned or might be irrelevant to you depending on how you use your camera.
Granted, is also true that Canon made this time the M6II feature set a bit more competitive but there are still glaring omissions on what this camera should be capable of doing in 2020.

Hope this helps anyone to decide if the M6 II still meets their criteria despite these Cons.

1. No Over/Under Exposure Warnings.
This helps to nail the exposure more accurately and is less intrusive than a histogram.
I think for an enthusiast camera this is a reasonable demand.

2. No Electronic First Curtain Shutter.
What good a 32MP sensor is if the shutter shock is going to ruin sharpness when using the mechanical shutter? Electronic is a workaround, but it comes with other issues.
EFC would solve this problem.

3. No Crop modes in Still or Video.
In contrast to crops in-post, live crops helps to get better exposure, contrast, autofocus, burst speed, etc at the critical moment, since people are not always carrying a Tele or Macro Lens, this is not only useful but fun as well.
Also, there is no a Crop function for in-camera Raw processing, weird...
For video, the crop functionality is equally necessary, but there is none. For instance, I wish the M6II had the option to select 4K crop mode like the M200/M50 which results in sharper 4K, less noisy video and even 1080P cropped.

4. No Electronic Shutter is Burst mode.
This could save wearing out the mechanical shutter for those who shoot in burst frequently. It should be allowed.

5. No Aperture or Shutter Priority in Video mode.
In video you have no choice but to shoot either fully manual or fully automatic. It sucks.

6. No in-camera Panorama function.
Not even a Panorama Assist functionality, like in older Powershots.
This is another reason why people rather pull out their Smartphone instead of the M6 II. My ancient Powershot Pro1 had at least Panorama aligning help functionality, why nothing on the M6 II ?

7. Fastest Time Lapse interval limited to just 1 second.
Seriously ?!
There is a big gap between 30fps and 1fps video. Why..?
Once again, my Smartphone can pull this up, any frame rate, no problem, why not the M6 II?

8. Slow USB-C port, limited to USB 2 speed.
How lame is this. Even the iPads have USB3 speed these days. Really needed for the big files this 32MP camera produces, the raw burst and the videos.

9. No Contrast direct control for JPEG shooting.
Hey Canon welcome to the new Digital Imaging paradigm, it is no longer film days.

10. No Automatic Display Brightness.
It is annoying and you can lose the moment by having to fiddle with the screen brightness setting in different ambient lighting.

Ok, I'm done with 10 from the top of my head.
I wish Canon could pick some of these reasonable complains/shotcomings and fix them with the upcoming firmware.
LOL, I know right...

Feel free to add yours, you never know.

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