Why choose the D780 over a Z6/7?

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Re: Why choose the D780 over a Z6/7?

Well I will keep my z6 for now

The d780 is well OVERPRICED

Typical. Rip of Nikon. BUT I believe it will drop in price by £500 in next 6mths

With the xt4 coming out in March with


6k video 60fp and 10bit INTERNAL


This will affect Nikon. Sales

Since you have to pay almost £1000

To get 10bit on Nikon cameras

That is the atmos at £600 and THEN another £200 for sending your a camera back to Nikon

Then there's the xtra SD/CARD or whatever

Is needed for atmos

This is Nikon again screwing loyal customers

For. As much monies as they can

Just my opinion of course

.Z6 IS a great camera but has been restricted in many ways

Mine will go on sale when the XT4 comes


Again my opinion

Ye all have a nice day

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