Adapted FT lens problem

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Re: Adapted FT lens problem

I ordered three fotasy adapters, after having good luck with 2 ordered several years ago.

Using EM1, EM1.2, EPM1.

4/3 lenses, 35-100, 11-22, 50-200, 9-18

These three adapters all had the same problem. Blank screen, etc.

I noticed the screen going blank coincides with the action of the body lens lock button. Apparently there is an electronic switch that is on when the lens lock button is fully released, but is off when the lens lock button is not fully released. When ON, as is the case with no lens attached, or when a properly engaged lens is attached, you can see through the viewfinder. When OFF, as is the case when a lens is in the process of being attached, or when a poorly milled hole is used on a lens flange.

Using a known working adapter, I noticed the button goes all the way down in the locking hole on the adapter flange, but in the bad adapter, does not go ALL the way down in the hole.  It engages enough to feel locked, but NOT enough to set the switch in the lens lock button mechanism. I looked at a working adapter hole and compared it to a non working one. Visually I see wear on the hole as in years of use wearing against the side of the locking pin. So the hole is a little wider.

I took out my trusty pocket knife and just barely nicked the sides of the oval and made it a hair more oval. It worked. Pin properly engaged.

I did the other two with same success.

I had read of another member having the same problem and he sent his back.

I am sure most of these are just re-badged adapters made by the same factory.

Thus same issues.

Hope this helps.

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