Weighing up some travel rig options - which would you chose?

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Re: Weighing up some travel rig options - which would you chose?

Birdmanfriday wrote:

I’m increasingly drawn to travelling light and would welcome the community’s views on the pros and cons of these three alternative travel rigs:

  1. XT3 plus 16-55 f2.8
  2. XE3 plus 16 f2.8, 50 f2 plus X100f; or
  3. XT3 plus 16 f2.8, 23 f2 and 50 f2.

All weigh about the same - the third option is I think the lightest. Weather proofing isn’t particularly important to me. The XT3 is clearly the more capable camera In terms of pure performance and has the useful flip screen option too. The zoom offers a great one lens option but isn’t something you can stick in a pocket or lighter bag easily.

I’m particularly keen to lighten my load so the prime options are attractive as you can spread the weight. The two body option takes that even further, making discrete shooting easy and reduces lens changes. Most of my trips are for business so photography will be a bonus, rather than the primary objective. However, I usually get enough down time to making carrying photo gear worthwhile. I currently own all the gear mentioned except the 16mm. I also have the 14mm and 27mm so there’s further potential options as well...

Which option would you chose to carry and why?

I see the 18-55mm and the 14mm in your gear list so why not take those with you? The 14mm f/2.8 is also great for indoor shots. I know the 16-55mm f/2.8 is superior but also heavy. I guess in 90% of all case the 18-55mm zoom is just fine.


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