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Staggering difference...

OZ Steve wrote:

Recovering from a minor operation and got bored, so .......

For anyone considering getting an Olympus MFT lens that has 300 mm range.

You will need to review the originals. The JPG's are straight out of the E-Mk ii without any post processing and are all over 10 Mb so hopefully dpr does not compress/ degrade the downloaded images.

Target Focus point

Olympus 75-300, oops taken at 286 mm in lieu intended 300mm @F 6.7

Olympus 40-150mm Pro with MC-20 attached at 300mm @ F6.3

Olympus 300 Pro @ F6.3



Huge difference, especially in the corners. The 40-150 Pro with TC is much better than the 75-300, and the 300 Pro is, again, much better than the 40-150 Pro with TC.

The difference between the 40-150 Pro/MC20 and 300 Pro isn't huge in the center. The difference in the corners is likely due to the addition of the TC.

The 75-300 is the only one weak in the center.

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