What's your lens of the decade?

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For Sony lenses...Sony 18-135

My Sony 18-135 because it has better IQ than any other lenses I tried in that zoom range including the several Sony 16-70s and Sony 16-50s I tried. I use the 18-135 as a walkaround for casual imaging more than any other lens in my kit.

A very close second (more like tied for first) is my Sony 70-300, one of the best lenses I've ever had.

Though it's not a Sony I'll mention my Sigma 18-35/1.8 Art is also a very close second for it's most excellent sharpness (much much better than the Sony 16-50 but also considerably bigger and heavier and it needs the MC11 adapter). I use it for when the job calls for tack sharp images in that zoom range and for low light.

Third is my Sony 20/2.8 pancake more for convenience than IQ/sharpness but it is sufficient for my purposes with that lens. I use it primarily for wide angle closeups and it couples nicely with an achromatic diopter.

I find my Sony 90/2.8 Macro to be an excellent prime but I haven't had the need to use it lately.

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