My new macro/flash rigs: DIY beauty-dish and domelight from styropor spheres

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My new macro/flash rigs: DIY beauty-dish and domelight from styropor spheres

Dear all!

I want to show you my new macro illumintion solutions made of half spheres of stropor, some diffusor cloth, a pizza box and a yoghurt cup.

Here we go - first the beauty dish concept made of a stropor half sphere, a part of a smaller styropor half sphere and some diffusor cloth:




And here are come results from that concept:





8 .


And now: Holgers dome light made of: a Pizza box, a (big sized) yoghurt cup, some diffusor cloth and a styrpor half sphere - and a ring flash.


The diesgin is simple: I cut a hole into the styropor half-sphere so the ring flash fitted exactly, the yoghurt cup had a diameter at the botton so it fitted exactly in the opening of my Sigma ring flash. I clued some black paper on the inner surface of the yoghurt cup so it works like a lens hood and I glued some white paper on the outer side of the yoghurt cup so it worked as reflector for the flash, reflectiing towards the wall of the inner styropor half-sphere. At the opening of the styropor half sphere there is a carton from a pizza box (I used this material as it was avaliable the day I needed it - maybe I should exclude it with a little more professional looking material ...) fixed with some gaffer tape. The idea of this shield is to reflect the light from the flash back to the surface of the half sphere. As first test had to much hard light I decided to fill the opening for the light with some diffusor cloth (I bought from Amazon - brand: Neewer) which I glued to the yoghurt cup for the inner side and the pizza box carton for the outer side.


This concept is of limited use for macro lenses with smaller folcal length. First, I tried it with my 70 mm Sigma macro lens and I had some vignetting from the yoghurt cup.

I tested my 105 mm Sigma macro lens and it worked fine - but the maximum magnifacation I get is 1:2 as I can't come any closer to the sibject because the entire reflector unit is longer than distance I would need.

But for my 200 mm PEntax macro the system works fine and is simple to use than the first one as I don't have to put the camera into a flahs holder to get the falsh away from the camera.

Here are some results from that rig:





Any comments are welcome!

Best regards


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