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Re: lens buying advice for fineart /boudoir

Raphaello88 wrote:


Few months ago i bought xt30 with 18-55 2.8 which is exceptional but i need to switch to sth more "sharper".

For landscapes i dont mind manual focus lenses like samyang 12mm but my main type of photography are fineart and boudoir So my question is: with budget max 500GBP for first lens i should go for (need to say that dont mind distance between me and model): 35 1.4 or 50mm f2? Maybe some third party like viltrox 85mm(dont trust too much such companies) or adapted canon/nikon(not vintage)?

Thak you for help

Not mentioned yet is the 60mm f/2.4. Used about GBP 300-400. Very good optics and f/2.4 fully usable with already good sharpness at edges and corners. Nice bokeh, which looks like the 56 f/1.2mm and 90mm f/2 but you don't get the same background separation of course because it's a f/2.4 design. But excellent for portraits and close-ups, up to 1:2. It is not soft but doesn't have the "biting contrast" of some other primes like the 80mm f/2.8 or 50mm f/2. I call this an advantage for portraits.

It's not the fastest lens but still oké on a new camera like the X-T30.


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