EOS R user with Fuji X-T3 walkaround

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Re: EOS R user with Fuji X-T3 walkaround

DuxX wrote:

Hello folks,

here is some my findings and walkaround samples with my EOS R and Fuji X-T3 from yesterday. Please keep in mind that this is just informative comparison since I have pretty different lens on R and Fuji system.

EOS R + RF 35mm f1.8

X-T3 + XF 18-55 kit lens

Fuji is really nice small and light system. Excellent build quality, nice color output. But of course some advantages of bigger sensor are very noticeable and yes... I am much more used to Canon controls and menu. For me everything is much faster, more intuitive and easily accessible on EOS R. I'll use Fuji mainly as my second video camera and R is my primary photography tool.

Original RAW photos just converted in LR without edits.


Nothing horribly wrong with either, but the Canon shots are a little overexposed. The R is very aggressive about biasing to shadows if the focus point is on a shadowed subject. To the extent that it will happily blow out the highlights in the rest of the scene. In fact, in general it overexposes low light photography to fill out the histogram. So you kind of have to be aware of that when you edit the photos and bring down the exposure in post.

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