GR II or GR III : Need Advice for Landscape Photography

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Re: GR II or GR III : Need Advice for Landscape Photography

srkmish wrote:

  • Will GR III be as sharp and have as good colors as GR II for landscape photography?

My guess it will be better because of the increased MP. I only have the GR III (never used the GR or GR II), but I find the GR III's pixel level detail impressive.

The highlight-weighted exposure mode is great to preserve highlights and ensure maximum use of the sensor's dynamic range. At base ISO, shadows can be pulled up quite a lot before shadow noise becoming an IQ issue. I would advise shooting RAW, as the OOC JPGs tend to have a slight greenish tint in the shadows. Note that playing with JPG settings could fix this as well, I haven't tried.

  • Does GR III offer anything better than GR II for landscape photography?

Sure: shake reduction. SR will allow longer exposures without the use of a tripod, which is ideal for landscape photography. Slow shutter speeds are often still perfectly possible handheld, which might not be the case without SR. I'm thinking: use of filters (built-in ND filter or physical filters on the WA adapter), night time or dusk photography, slow shutter speeds for flowing water, ... Great when you're hiking and don't want to carry the weight of a tripod, or simply when you don't want to slow down your non-photographer hiking friends.

  • Although I have seldom tried street photography, I want to get into it as well. Will GR III be better for this?

As I said, I haven't used the GR or GR II, but I love the way the GR III can be setup to be ready for shooting within a fraction of time. I've never used a camera that was this fast and discreet. Mine it set to be pre-focussed at snap focus distance (the actual distance varies depending on the space around me), with touch screen AF enabled to quickly focus on a specific focus point when necessary.

  • Considering my love for landscape , does the increased price of III over II justified?

For me it would be, but that's relative to my personal budget and to what I'm used to spending on my photography... YMMV

hth, Wim

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