Cheap lens for the gh5 autofocus features

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Re: Just because it does autofocus doesnt mean you should

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Good morning everyone, I just ordered a gh5 and I'm looking for a cheap lens that would let me take advantage of the gh5 autofocus features. I've been looking for that in google but as often results are too general, all I find is "best lens for gh5", stuff like that.

Thank you for any suggestion.

I have the G9 which is only slightly better AF and although both have many firmware updates since being released I wouldnt trust most panasonic made lenses for paid video work. Ironically the absolute best autofocusing lenses I have used is the Sigma 16 and 30mm prime. It boggles my mind that this could be true but based on all my testing I have a theory. Panasonic glass is just too fast for its own good in video. Pretty much all of them pulsate and rapidly switch focus. Since the AF is contrast based it means you can see a rapid wobble in the background. My theory is that the sigma lenses are so slow to focus that it smooths out those movements and you dont see that wobble or hunting. I actually trust these lenses quite a bit. Still would not use it for paid work where a subject is standing still EX: Weddings but if I need autofocus it seems to be the most pleasing to the eye.

I set -1 to the AF sensitivity of G85 which can produce steady and smooth 4K video on the panny lenses I have... Might be I do very slow panning most of the time on quite steady object (interior decoration of room or landscape) such that wobbling was not very observable.

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