Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

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Re: Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

If you do not buy it now, while it is available for a little extra cost with the camera and smaller lens, and then in the future wish you had, you will kick yourself for not buying it.  Using the FTZ isn't difficult, but it does add weight and distance to the outfit.  I also discovered, that the FTZ covers the body's tripod receptacle.  There is one on the bottom of the FTZ, but when I screwed in my tripod, I became a bit concerned because I really had to screw the tripod in much farther than I was comfortable with.  The FTZ is a good stopgap to use with your current lenses, but hopefully, all lenses you buy in the future for the Z will be made for it.  I understand wanting to be able to use a lens with both of you cameras, but there is a trade off there.

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