LA-EA4 + Sigma 400mm F5.6 APO telemacro

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Re: LA-EA4 + Sigma 400mm F5.6 APO telemacro

MILC man wrote:

wsalopek wrote:

Very old thread, but also very little info on this subject, so I thought I'd try to revive it.

My question is this:

I have a Sigma 400/5.6 Tele Macro APO HSM (Canon mount) works with an MC-11 on my A72 (soon to be upgraded to an A7R2).

What I'd like to know is did Sigma make an A-Mount version of this lens with the HSM focusing motor? If so, perhaps I could buy that version, and with the LA-EA3 (yes, the LA-EA3), it would work a bit better than my current Canon/MC-11 setup?

the difference is that if that old sigma is supported by the mc-11, it'll look like native glass to the later sony bodies, so there won't be any framerate restrictions... so i'd say that your current ef-mount lens would be the best bet.

I've used the laea3 on a Tamron 150-600, with an a9, and it rocked, but that was largely due to the a9 autofocus.

Also, if that lens was not offered with an HSM motor, and for the purpose of birds and surfer photography, what is your opinion as to the focus speed of the non-HSM version? Is it unusable?

as I recall, there was only one good version of that lens, and I think that it was the latest version.

For surfers in particular, they quite often move mostly laterally, so the focus speed really doesn't have to be all that fast.

it depends... in this pic, I followed the action a good 75 yards from where it started, down the point past the crowd, at high speed away from the camera... once the target was too far away, I made a crowd shot out of it.

Nice image.

And yes I hear what you are saying about the MC-11...and that there probably would be any advantage to a Sony version and an LA-EA3.


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