70-200 or wait for the 100-400?

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Re: 70-200 or wait for the 100-400?

JohnXTanner wrote:

I'm not sure whether to get the new 70-200 zoom or to wait for the 100-400 zoom to be available.


  • I'm trying to move to an all Z lens set. I have some F mount (and other) lenses that cover most of this range, but don't want to buy any new lenses that aren't native for the Z.
  • The main use would be distant objects and wildlife. I don't do things like sport photography.

My analysis goes as follows.

Reasons for getting the 70-200:

  1. Available "now".
  2. Wide aperture (useful for some wildlife photography either for subject isolation or because the light just isn't very good). I'm assuming that the 100-400 will be f4 at best.
  3. Would appear likely (ahead of test results being available) to be a very high quality lens. That being said, the 100-400 is also supposed to be an "S" lens so likely to be good (and hence I'm ignoring the 200-600 zoom, although I suppose that this could be a partner for the 70-200 eventually).

Reasons for waiting for the 100-400:

  1. Better overall focal length range for what I want (I also have the 24-70 zoom and thing that I could live with the 30mm gap if I went this route). Having said that, 400 is possibly still a bit short for some wildlife (but the 70-200, on its own, would of course be even worse in this respect).
  2. Possibly a better balance of weight vs focal length than the 70-200, but that's just an assumption of course as we don't have the specifications for the 100-400 yet.

What do you all think?

If the upcoming 100-400 zoom is an f4 it will be  large/ heavy and very expensive, I reckon it will be f5.6, obviously I could be wrong, f5.6 it will be much more compact.

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