Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

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Re: Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

Kenny08 wrote:

I'm thinking of picking up a Z50 as a secondary body to the D500. Use will be for traveling, and stationary bird photography with the 200-500mm. I currently own the Nikon AF-P 10-20mm, AF-P 18-55mm and the AF-S 18-140mm.

My thought is to purchase the Z50 with the FTZ adapter and the 16-50mm lens and skip the 50-250mm. I might instead purchase an AF-P 70-300mm down the road instead and use it with the FTZ adapter.

Thoughts anyone?

Makes sense to me.

Make sure you set up your settings properly when you first get the camera.  For best performance, use 12-bit raw and appropriate AF modes & settings.

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