Lumix S cameras - shutter count

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Re: Simplest way

ncsakany wrote:

Off The Mark wrote:

So did anyone ever say how exactly one SHOULD check the shutter count?

1. Power on the camera while holding play and AF-on buttons. Release those buttons once the rear display turns on.

2. Open the menu, go to the "Others" section (wrench icon). On the submenu you will see a second wrench icon at the end of the list. Navigate to it, then to ERROR CODE DSP.

3. Once you see the error codes, press MENU/SET to get the shutter count info.

That's it. Don't use the camera, simply turn off to exit service mode. Who knows, Bob may be right after all and button fornicating the camera past this point may wipe out some config.

This whole thing is rather bizarre so I brought it up recently during dinner with an old friend (high up at Panasonic HQ.) While there's no doubt that Bob meant well with his post here, my friend explained that like their other cams, the GH5S is designed to prevent customer access to the original calibration settings, which sit in a special, protected area of the cam's internal memory. You would need special tools and knowledge to get in there. He also said that "the color seemed a bit off" was probably some setting that had been inadvertently modified by the user, at worse it could be a sensor gone bad but it has nothing to do with factory calibration.

Bottom line: Bob's good buddies at Pana USA told him tall tales and happily relieved him of $167 of his hard-earned money (clearly they are not concerned by burning bridges with HIM...) My friend was quite upset and embarrassed by this incident, he told me that this would never happen in Japan, even more so with a loyal customer who also works with Panasonic in whatever capacity.

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