How many camera bodies do you have?

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Kevin Omura
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It really depends

On whether you make your living making photographs or just making photos as a hobby.

If you are a working photographer it might be really counterproductive to only have one camera body. Why? Because if it fails you are dead in the water, and if this is during a paid shoot, well I suspect that client will never call you again.

If you are travelling and a body fails, let's say on a photo workshop or a safari or other event that you had planned on photographing and the body goes kaput. Well that's the end of your picture making excursion isn't it so all that money spent on travel is down the toilet.

So it really depends on your use(s) and need(s) so what works for you may definitely not work for someone else.

Personally.... I have 3 bodies in my main DSLR kit, a crop and FF body both using the same batteries and charger and and EOS M body as last resort backup.

In my walkabout mirrorless kit I have 4 bodies and 6 lenses which pretty much mirrors the working DSLR kit with the exception of 1 of the cameras being an underwater camera.

IMHO digital camera bodies are in many ways disposable, the real long term value are your lenses. In my main DSLR kit I have a couple of L lenses that I have had since the mid 80's which still work fine with my 5D IV and 7D II. Over the years I have upgraded the bodies however as needed and pretty much resigned myself to the reality that that old body no longer has any residual value.

Granted considering how much film I could potentially shoot on a trip, workshop or job shooting with digital bodies is a lot cheaper. Consider this, my last shoot in France using film burned through 200 rolls of film at approx $8 per roll, then factor in the processing cost of the film at say $5 per roll and finally contacts at say $5 per 8x10 so that's $18 per roll x 200 rolls = $3600 for 7200 images.

But in any event as I said it really depends on what you use your gear for but a working photographer with 1 body might not be a great thing if something goes wrong with that body.....

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