Water Tank/Background Mist

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Re: Water Tank/Background Mist

Good on you for posting some of your work. We all started somewhere and none of us have got to the end yet !

Most of us don't live in spectacular settings with wonderful weather so we look around for what excites us. For me it's my garden and cats. Neither means a lot to other people but they are what makes me tick.

So when I look at your image(s) the only thing I can comment on is what it says to me and how I think of the composition, techniques, lighting etc

It's sound - well structured, clean, lit, in focus etc. That's the basics. Without that it doesn't matter what you try to compose ...

For me I would try to look for different angles and lighting. Get down low or up high. Revisit it for different lighting - one side lit horizontally (by the sun or by car headlights?) the other side in shadow. Are there any 'leading lines' you can use, like footpaths, tracks, objects to draw our eyes in to the focal point ?

How about photographing it the same time every day/week to see what changes and make a project of it. Or maybe make a project of agricultural buildings ? Don't necessarily focus on the 'whole' but identify small elements...maybe the rusted metal taken against green grass

How about using a fast prime lens and getting some bokeh ?

Just my four cents...

and above all keep taking photos and being self critical. Don't listen to the abusers that can hang around these forums. Few of them show any of their pics...

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