Quality YouTube channels?

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Re: Quality YouTube channels?

Good question, buddy. There are a lot of photography gear channels, but remarkably few channels about process. Even my beloved Art of Photography has drifted more towards gear reviews, though there's still good to be found on that channel.

For what you're after I fear Angry Photographer, Northrup and FroKnow are fairly useless. I cannot recall even having ever seen a photo by Ken Wheeler. They're good at summarising spec sheets and roughly comparing autofocus speeds, but that's about it.

But there is good stuff out there!

In the specifically Fujifilm world Stockezy is probably the best street photographer going on YouTube. He's transferred a bit to Leica but he's definitely still worth watching and still does Fuji. He has a great Instagram feed too.

Ben Bond is a promising young African photographer who does a lot of urban / outdoor fashion shoots, usually with X-E2s. Gets the results, and proves you don't need the latest and greatest tech.

Kevin Mullins is a Fujifilm X Photographer and has a lot of useful videos, especially on wedding photography,  post processing and Fuji cameras.

NegativeFeedback is the best in the film photography world. I like his style on camera too, quiet, self-effacing, gets to the point. He's not Fuji-X but he's well worth watching.

Aperture Books have lots of little videos that will point you in the direction of great photographers, and the odd lecture.


If you want to learn about the history, philosophy and practice of street photography then Joel Meyerowitz is your man. He doesn't have a channel but he's on a lot of videos floating about. Watch them all, he's one of the great teachers, a Magnum photographer and a great talent. This is my favourite video by him:


Searching for videos about William Eggleston is worthwhile. Along with Saul Leiter and Ernst Haas one of the grest pioneers of colour photography as art. Here's an hour long BBC Imagine documentary which follows his past and present:


For my money one of the greatest photographers who ever lived is Mary Ellen Mark. Her reportage portraits just floor me. Every one of her photographs makes me feel.


Stacey Kranitz is one of the best working currently. Uses a phone for her photos of Appalachian people, and proves that access is more important than cameras. Her photos are unsharp, seemingly ad hoc, off the cuff. As an expanding body of work revealing the soul of breadline America, they're incredible. Not many videos on her, but her Instagram is a must. (Met her too, she looks so out of place and open and yet is so stealthy. Remarkable woman)


William Klein, the great New York fashion / street photographer, has a great one hour documentary on his life here: https://youtu.be/JnN9LMvjM7Y

There's tons of good stuff in the Genius of Photography playlist. One frustrating thing about photography documentary videos on YouTube is that they keep disappearing, so get in there fast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL88AE4F2AC32C6FCD

Finally if you have any interest i street photography at all I strongly, strongly recommend watching 'Everybody Street'. The best street photography documentary film ever made. https://youtu.be/XSG2dHa9ldI

In fact buy a copy, reward them.

That's enough for now, I'll post more later if you like!

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