Lumix S cameras - shutter count

Started Jul 17, 2019 | Questions thread
ncsakany Senior Member • Posts: 2,412
Simplest way

Off The Mark wrote:

So did anyone ever say how exactly one SHOULD check the shutter count?

1. Power on the camera while holding play and AF-on buttons. Release those buttons once the rear display turns on.

2. Open the menu, go to the "Others" section (wrench icon). On the submenu you will see a second wrench icon at the end of the list. Navigate to it, then to ERROR CODE DSP.

3. Once you see the error codes, press MENU/SET to get the shutter count info.

That's it. Don't use the camera, simply turn off to exit service mode. Who knows, Bob may be right after all and button fornicating the camera past this point may wipe out some config.

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