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Rabster64 wrote:

In my opinion for whatever it may be worth, DP Review is a photography site set up for the enjoyment of those us with an interest in all types of photography. There are members here with varying levels of experience and ability and I have no doubt all of us joined for the opportunity to enjoy the work of others and to participate in the experience that membership can provide. That experience includes the opportunity to submit images that we think others may enjoy or for our own learning opportunity and to receive feedback on those images from others, that same feedback will always be subjective. We do deserve the right to have that feedback given in a positive manner rather than destructive and purely negatively critical as indicated in the forum rules and also in the fact that when the image is posted you can opt to have constructive critique and criticism (key word, constructive). I don't think asking for c&c means that all bets are off and hunting season is open I think it means that someone is asking for subjective opinions on the positive or negative aspects of the shot in order to establish if they are on the right or wrong track with their work. If in ones opinion someone has missed the mark, as we all do at times, then it is reasonable for the relevant points to be highlighted and other possibilities pointed out in an encouraging way. If an image is thought to be well below parr then the viewers options are to think to themselves that's the case and let it go at that with no comment posted. If a comment is to be posted then the options available are to be advisory and nurturing with the intention of assisting progression and teaching, or a second more negative option of firing of a broadside to express ones dissatisfaction. That latter option does no one any service, the poster, the site or the critic.

In relation to this shot by Prufroc I've certainly seen worse posted and to be honest I would not say it's a bad shot, could it be improved ? well yes. It is well exposed, sharp and serves as a good record shot of what a water tank looks like in that area. The light on the tank appears quite soft and shows off the farming landscape. There is in my opinion some dead unattractive space at the bottom that would benefit from a crop to a longer landscape format. A nice sunset in the background with god rays coming down and lighting the tank as it emerges from some light mist and some gamboling unicorns in front would also help but unfortunately Pruefroc only had the conditions that were available at the time the scene was observed. With appropriate advice to maybe return to the same scene on another occasion when the conditions were more diverse and reconsider the compositions available then something else will result and everyone may be pleasantly surprised.

in relation to points raised, from my observations of the photograph I would say that it is fairly clear that the point of the image is as Prufroc states, to show an image taken of the local landscape/environment but also to seek feedback on the style and merit of the shot and ask for points that may help improve ability to capture better/different landscapes. there is always composition but not necessarily the composition the viewer would like to see, nothing set in stone here and always subjective. I think the goal of the shot was to capture a scene that was pleasing to Prufroc and as above, to show it and gain experience and advice to improve where appropriate for similar in the future. the subject is the water tank in its landscape with a light mist softening the background to help emphasise the tank. bad time of day or lighting has been addressed by advice to consider that in the future however if someone is passing by somewhere for the one and only time they will ever be there then you make do with what you have. Prufroc has the luxury of being able to re-attend and re-shoot the same same scene at different times and in different conditions with different compositions, if it's not too far from home that may be a good learning exercise if practical. Actually, it would be nice to see that done and the other images posted for critique again in the future. The image was not posted on fstoppers, it was posted here for our enjoyment and comment. The posted shot was of interest to me for various reasons, one of which was that I now know what a water tank looks like in that area because had I been visiting and driving past I would have been wondering if it had feed or whatever within. I think Prufroc and everyone else knows the image does not come close to what Ansel Adams would produce and the comment was inclined to acknowledge that there is room for improvement. I like the positive comment in the second post about structure and different time of day but would have preferred to see it in the first post. When I think back to my first images on my first camera and how bad they were I think I would have been really happy to have produced such as this, I am continually trying to improve and try different styles of shots, compositions and processing to get an idea of what others think. My wife and family think I'm a great photographer but they would say that anyway other photographers keep me grounded and that's why I post here, to learn and mature, not to feel that I have been shot down in flames.

I don't want this to sound negative or condescending but when I see negative unhelpful critique I think it takes away from from a site that I enjoy and worse, may turn photographers away that have the ability to mature and provide great images. Prufroc has already in my opinion fulfilled the first and most important rule for all photographers, produce an image that pleases you, then taken it a stage further by presenting it for critique to improve and learn. Top marks for that alone.



It's all to easy to be negative. It's also all to easy to forget that we all started at the bottom of the learning curve.

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