How to eliminate focus stutter on x-t3?

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Re: How to eliminate focus stutter on x-t3?

Tom Schum wrote:

tom1234567 wrote:

I don't get this stuttering at all BUT

What Fuji has NEVER addressed is the PULSING of certain parts of the background

When using low F/stops

Which is quiet annoying plenty videos on YouTube about it

But no fix yet

Roll on the xt4

Can you provide a link to one of those many videos?

Just do a Google search it was an xt3 user that was doing the test. And I did notice this in some of my video

I had a video nocked back on shuttetstock

Reason video pulsing. I had camera on tripod. Filming a ferry coming in

And sure enough it was there so that's

When I looked into it and found a chap doing a video about it

I'm busy this week but I will try and find it again but I'm sure others have seen this

I still have my xt3 and the Nikon z6

But the video on the xt3 10bit is excellent on xt3

I only do short 30sec videos for shuttetstock

They don't all pulse it seems to depend on the F/stop. My videos are mostly F8

Even when you watch some YouTube videos

Done with Fuji xt3 and concentrate on the

Back ground if there's a picture on the wall

Or a sign at times you can see it pulsing

In the background

I will look for it again

Or when I get time I will recreate it on my


But I have started using my z6 for some

Vids now

I come to realise 10bit is not important

To sell videos

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