Olympus please fix this EM5.3 problem asap

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Olympus please fix this EM5.3 problem asap


The issue of extending the articulated screen not turning off the EVF sensor. Seriously, who thought changing this was a good idea? I saw mention that they wanted this for "video guys." I didn't pay $1,200 USD for a still camera to be "prioritized for video" this way.

This is becoming a major annoyance, and already had me checking Fuji's offerings though looks like I am staying in m43rds.

This is a major usability problem

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2  Face detect AF options / lever option

Save the face detect AF settings along with the switch level change of state AF option.

Another usability problem


Also while you are at it

3 Auto ISO max cap

- Figure a way to do auto iSO upper limit to 25600 (not expecting this as the EM1X/EM1MKII never had this cap changed).

#1 is a major major issue for usability. #2 is also quite an issue for usability. #1 is inexcusable since some other cameras did different.

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