Lumix S cameras - shutter count

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Re: Nonsense. There is no "wiping of calibration data."

With each model year the procedure for entering and exiting the various service modes changes – in part to discourage people from unknowingly voiding their warranty. However, the procedure for doing alignments, and reloading data once in those modes has remained the same. Attempting to use one of the older access methods resulted in my situation. My fault; so, do as I say not as I do!

Without going into my personal professional background (which I won’t), let’s just say that I have been to Japan several times for training and still have many personal contacts within the company both in the US and Japan. I earned respect and I won’t burn my bridges. Any technical info that was intended to be confidential will remain so. Bottom line – for those who want to play, you may pay. I see no point to turning this into a debate so let’s move on. Happy New Year to all.

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