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Re: Nonsense. There is no "wiping of calibration data."

Wasabi Bob wrote:

You don't need to buy it - but I've worked on Lumix since they were first introduced, in a service enviornment. I respect your opinion, but I'm basing my comments on actual hands on experience and training.

You say you worked in a service environment on Lumix cameras, but your previous post seems to read completely the opposite:

It surely reads in a way that indicates that you do not in fact have experience with these cameras; you state that you didn't know how to exit service mode, had to send the camera in for service, and a tech person explained all to you.

As I said when I first posted on this topic, my intent was to spare some people unnecessary grief and expense.

Could it at all be possible that not exiting service mode by power cycling the camera you may have entered a specific button press sequence that caused all your grief?

Not doubting that your camera under your operation went haywire, but to generalize and say that properly entering and exiting service mode will wipe out calibration data for all cameras is a stretch.

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