Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Mr_Win wrote:

Canon is building the opposite of what I want, travel friendly/lifestyle FF gear, that’s not super expensive. The RF 85 is gigantic and will it really outperform the SY 85f1.4 by any meaningful amount?

It’s near double the weight and 4x the price. When I’ve got options like that....... the value proposition looks extremely poor, will pass on the 50, 85, 28-70, 15-35, 24-70, all of the Sony alternatives are a fraction of the cost and smaller. I got in the mirrorless game based on size.... the days of me packing gigantic DSLR’s and lenses are over.

as nice as the RF 24-105 is, I’m just not really happy with it, no fault of the lens, f4 is not really my style, and one of my bigger lenses. It reminds me of why I got away from DSLR’s.

When comparing the size/weight of the EOS R + RF 24-105/4L IS to the A7R III (or IV) + FE 24-105/4 OIS there really is no difference so I agree that if you want to stay small and light you will have to take advantage of f/1.8 or f/2 primes because I think the f/2.8 zooms, or f/1.4 primes will show no difference and the f/1.2 primes will be bigger and heavier. The Sony FE 24/1.4 maybe the only fast prime that bucks that trend.

For me I admit to owning both the smaller lighter primes for travel and walking around and the faster larger zooms and primes for special work where I really want the great IQ they provide. That said the f/1.2 primes are still bigger than I want and much bigger than the f/1.2 85 and 50 I used to own when I shot with the Canon DSLR bodies.

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