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Re: Virtual copies?

Henry Richardson wrote:

With a separate DAM such as Photo Supreme is there a way to have virtual copies with their own edits? I suspect there isn't because I don't see a way for a non-integrated DAM to do it since it is so tied to the non-destructive editor function, but maybe I am wrong. I use virtual copies a lot in Lightroom and it is one of my most valued features. I suspect the other integrated programs that have a DAM, raw processor, and non-destructive editor (darktable, On1, ACDSee) have virtual copies also under whatever name.

Every raw processor I know is non-destructive. Most save the edits in one form or another to go back and tweak later.  You're basically writing a recipe telling the raw processor how to bake that photo. Virtual copies (LR), variants (C1P) and the like are just a convenient way to write more than one recipe for the same photo. The downside is each raw processor uses it's own equipment (the algorithms) that work differently than all other raw processors so you can't really depend on taking a recipe written in an LR kitchen and expect it to turn out the same in another raw processor or image viewer or DAM with out baking it first to jpg, png, tif etc. Even changing the process version within the same processor gives different results. You can view each virtual copy, variant or whatever in a DAM, you just have to export it. Until it is exported "baked", it is nothing more than a recipe. I learned the hard way, those recipes can be corrupted or over written. A jpg is easier to backup to multiple locations.

I assume collections (or whatever name is used) are in Photo Supreme and other separate DAMs?

I don't use Photo Supreme, but I'm sure it has that more than covered. I use Imatch and it has so many ways to show you just the photos (and other files) you want to see at the moment.

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