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Re: 50-140 + TC2X (Images) : Detail / Sharpness

photoparts wrote:

I’m currently in a similar position of deciding between the 100-400mm or getting a 2x TC for my 50-140mm - but for motor sports photography, and not birds/wildlife. The IQ in the images you posted look really good and my main subjects will mostly also be in the center of the frame, preferably with the aperture wide open at f5.6 to avoid pushing ISO up too much at >1/1000 shutter speeds. Daytime spring/summer/autumn shooting but mostly with a cloudy sky.

The general recommendation I have seen is to not use a TC for a zoom and especially not a 2x TC. I get the theory behind it but this IQ seem to be more than good enough for my use cases? The 280mm reach should be enough.

Well, if you start with a really high quality zoom lens like the 50-140mm f/2.8 you can safely use a TC 1.4x. Fujifilm recommend this convertor with this lens. Only when you look very critical you see some slight degradation of IQ. With the TC 2.0 you see some more degradation and it depends on usage and your own standards if this is still acceptable. It's probably good enough but don't expect the ultimate IQ!

For my uses cases, would the 50-140mm+2x TC provide good/great results or is the general recommendation to get a 100-400mm?

I think the 50-140mm with the TC 2x is a good combo, even used wide open. It's still a f/5.6 which is not too bad either. I think there is not much room for additional cropping because of that TC 2x. IQ will suffer then. If you want to do that regularly because the reach is not enough with the 50-140mm /TC 2x combo I would go for the 100-400 mm instead.


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