Nikon Z6 - is photography any different?

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Re: Nikon Z6 - is photography any different?

Tom Ames wrote:

Richard B99 wrote:

Atahualpa wrote:

So here I am, and I wonder is the Z6 really offering a new experience worth 2000€

In all honesty, I don’t think it is offering a new experience. Just improving on the existing experience.

Will it get me hooked to photography once again

I very much doubt it

I think it will. When I moved from DX to FX (D700) many years ago I was hooked from there on. Get the Z6 with kit lens and the S 85mm 1.8!

I agree, if anything can hook you, it’ll probably be the narrow DOF and subject isolation of FF. It’s so much better for portraits and family snapshots than a phone or DX with a slow kit zoom. You might become eager to pop onto a computer just to see your photos large

I also find shooting full manual with mirrorless to be a very satisfying experience. You get to dial it in to your exact preference rather than rely on some automatic metering, and see in real time how changing the controls effects the image

But if you do decide to stay with the phone, at least get a phone with a really good camera that can work in low light and do portrait mode. The latest Pixel or iPhone are your best bet

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