Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

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Re: Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

The thing is, the A7rii is an awesome camera, pretty much still in the Top 10 at DxO, and its five years old... that speaks volumes about its capability.  It really depends on what you intend to do with it, and how you intend to define your future images. I shoot the a6500, A7, A7ii, A7rii, and the A7riii on a regular basis. Each one has something to offer me depending on what I'm shooting. I tend to mount a complimentary lens on each one and let it live there. (less sensor dust, and I really dont like changing lenses on bodies that much, especially outdoors). 
Just to give you an idea of how i use them most of the time-

A6500 - 10-18 4

A7 - 70-300 G 4.5-6.3

A7ii - 16-35 GM 2.8

A7rii - Zeiss 25 2

A7riii - 12-24 G 4
And i do have the kit lens 28-70, and its just fine, sharper then people give it credit for, just comes up a little short on the aperture side of things.

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