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n057 wrote:

Rotorbug wrote:

Is there any way to set up either the AF on button or the small toggle switch press function so that you can switch simultaneously the AF mode (S or C) and the AF area mode?

In other words I am shooting a portrait and then would like to capture a moving subject with one button AF selection.

As far as I can see, you can only set these buttons to change the AF area mode, not the AF mode (S or C) as well.

In the video below, you can see Tom set up the toggle button so that he can shift to 25 point dynamic AF Mode but with no switch to continuous focusing. He must already be in continuous mode.


If you set a8 to ON and you have set AF to C, you already have it.

I'm sure you meant a8 to OFF ... ON, the default, means the shutter button WILL focus.

If you press AF-ON while shooting a portait, you only need to press it until you have acquired focus, let go of the AF-ON button and press the shutter button, which will not try to refocus. That is S.

If something starts moving, just keep pressing the AF-ON button while pressing the shutter button. That is C.

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