Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Unique qualities of paras

As the gif doesn't work here, Here's a link to it. RIght click to save or show the controls to slow it down.

Here's a summary:

Unfortunately the beauty dish shot was a bit underexposed compared to the others, and the para at 10cm was over, so I increased the brioghtness of first and reduced for the second, a bit, to aid comparison.

I've taken a few self portraits in a similar vein, and I do like the light from the deeppara90 without diffusion, close to the apex. It's has more punch than that of my beauty dish (which is a white version, would be interesting to compare it to a silver beauty dish), with appears to be more "vibrant" (micro-specular refelctions? if such a thing exists) with more contouring (though, perhaps I'm subconsciously justifying to myself it's purchase). At the very least It requires less power for the same exposure compared to a beauty dish (by over stop.

The white beauty dish produces very nice, light with a slight punch, however I found that it wasn't ideal for men (too "soft", though the grid helps with the subsequent issues), and bare reflectors were a bit too hard. The parabolo90 seems to fit my needs, in this respect.

Using the grid with the parabolo90 might be interesting, as it should reduce the stray light rays exiting the modifier that aren't parallel due to the non-perfect shape of this modifier.

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