Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

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My 16-80 compared to my 16-55, 23, 35, 50, 55-230 and 10-22

I mainly shoot landscapes and noticed that the corners of the 16-80 were not as sharp as they could be so I decided to compare the sharpness in general to my other XF lenses (and one Canon).

For the first test I shot the wall of my brick garage. I set the camera up on a tripod, used the 2-second timer, set the focus and then shot at different focal lengths and apertures. I chose f4, f11 and f22 (or f16), although due to diffraction I'd never use f22 in anger.

In this case I've marked an X in the table against the lens which is sharper in the centre of the image:

What was surprising is that in all cases at f4 (except the 50 f2) the 16-80 was sharper in the centre of the image.

I then picked up a new 16-55 f2.8 as I thought this may give better results than the 16-80. To test these two lenses I shot a landscape scene as well as the garage wall.  The results are as follows and I've considered the whole of the frame to determine which is sharper overall.

The garage shots allowed for more critical evaluation whereas the landscape shots were more "real world" type of shooting.

What's surprising is that the 16-80 is better than the 16-55 in the majority of cases. Maybe I've got a sharp 16-80 and a soft copy of the 16-55...

I'm still on a quest for a zoom lens that displays good sharpness across all the image but accept that this may be impossible. As I shoot mainly landscapes a zoom lens is the most practical option as it allows accurate composition in the field but I may have to purchase the 16mm and 18mm primes to achieve optimal results.

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