Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Unique qualities of paras

ronscuba wrote:

So now we go full circle. Some say softness is about size of the modifier and diffusion is different. Your explanation is the light got softer by adding diffusion. This is why I am confused about the terminology of soft vs diffused. There does not appear to be a clear consensus.

For my modifiers , I think of it as how flattering do I need the light to be, how much coverage and do I need to limit where the light goes.

Hard light is directional. Soft light is scattered. If you use a large modifier, it scatters the light no matter what it is (unless it's a true parabolic). A small light lource is bounced in a modifier one way or another and scatters the light. Therefore, larger light sources produce softer light than smaller ones because they cover a broader area.

Some materials scatter the light more (diffuse) and some scatter less. The more the light is scattered, the softer it is. A large light source is not pin pointed, so it scatters the light more than a small source. Add a layer of diffusion and you're scattering more. Add another layer and you're scattering the light even more. Point the light source at the modifier and abounce the light and through two layers of diffusion and now you have a really soft light.

So, you control the light's softness by selecting the size of your modifier, material and whether your light is pointing at the subject or reflecting off the modifier.

Hope this helps.

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