B&W mist series - GFX50R, acros

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Re: B&W mist series - GFX50R, acros

Rich42 wrote:


I like this series a lot.

Since in a previous post, you identified the location as Philadelphia, I tried to identify the two bridges here but couldn't. There are endless possibilities for this kind of imagery in the urban areas, parks and countryside there (I grew up in Philadelphia and Bucks County).

But, I'm not a fan of film simulations of digital images. Those of us who used film to make a living never thought of trying to make one film look like another. Other than to make grainy films look like finer-grained cousins. I don't really understand the popularity of this kind of thing now.

The digital image out of whatever camera can stand on its own without pretending to be some classic emulsion. Color or B&W. Learning to tailor the B&W conversion to one's own taste is a valid end point and to my eye, much more desirable.

Just my 2c.


Thanks for the comments! I’d love any suggestions in for locations in PA. The bridges are Twin Bridges (near East Falls) and Strawberry Mansion Bridge.

I’ll tell you how I use film sims. I shoot raw, then apply Acros film sim as my color profile in LR. I find this gets closer to what I envision in b&w then LR monochrome - Acros adds a little contrast in a nice way. But honestly it’s not much of a difference just speeds up my workflow.

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