1D X Mark III specs now leaked online, announcement next week

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Re: 1D X Mark III specs now leaked online, announcement next week

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Desertbilly wrote:

I was planning on ordering a Mk III once they were available, for birding and wildlife, but am very underwhelmed with these specifications. After the 'leak' a few days ago showing Digic 6+'s, I was hoping these weren't accurate. But I realize they very well may be.

Maybe there's a surprise silver lining somewhere and the AF system is going to be revolutionary, but I am not optimistic at this point.

But for a few more AF points, deeper video (which I never use) and a faster buffer? What were you thinking, Canon?

Because we all know that the numerical designation of the Digic processors is what really matters in a camera. A deeper buffer...who cares about that? What I want is the idea that my Digic processors have a higher number.

Bottom line: who cares what processors are used? As long as the results are there.

I think you missed my point. It wasn't that the Digic level was relevant, it was that the 'leaked specs' that were floating around a few days ago, showed a Dgic level that was several years old. I interpreted that to mean that those specs were probably not accurate.

And if a deeper buffer is significant to you, that's wonderful. I rarely shoot high speed for more than a second and rarely fill up my buffers.

But I agree with your ultimate point. We'll all have to wait and see how this body actually performs, and make our decisions based on that. It may well turn out to be the greatest sports/action/wildlife camera on the market.

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