Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

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Re: Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

*Screams silently*
I just wrote up a long and detailed reply to this great post... and then had a powercut when i was seconds from hitting enter and lost it all. Sigh. I'll try and recreate.

ahaslett wrote:

How much can you afford?

Tricky to quantify. I'd rather spend less, of course.

If I got the A7Riii, it would probably mean being limited on lenses for a while. Maybe the kit zoom, and the 50mm macro. Or the 28/2 and the 50. Pretty much be it for a while I expect.

With the A7Rii... I'd probably end up with similar lenses for a while anyway, while saving money. But it might be the difference between the kit zoom and the Tamron/sigma zoom. Or going with a 28/50/85 prime combination, and still ending up spending less.

What is your priority between lenses and bodies?

I generally buy lenses to keep (boxed where possible, even when used). They're more of an investment. Always keep boxes/hoods/paperwork. For bodies... I still keep the boxes etc, but only because I know I'll always end up reselling the body for an upgrade eventually. Bodies come and go.

How important is AF?

Fairly. Doesn't have to be insanely fast (I rarely if ever do sports or anything). But accuracy is important. Hate it when the camera locks focus but it's not actually focussed correctly. I suspect this doesn't happen much on any modern camera though.

How important is resolution?

24mp is probably fine, but considering I can get the A7Riii with 42mp for the same money I think I'm leaning towards Rii vs Riii and not Rii vs A7iii. If that makes sense.

Any A7 series before gen 3 clears the buffer really slowly if you want to shoot bursts.

I haven't yet managed to find an example of how slow this buffer clears. I dont often shoot long bursts, usually its an occasional thing, but if it takes like a full minute to clear then it might be problematic.

I’d start with lenses and decide on when and how you want to upgrade from your first body to your second. That should tell you what your first body should be.For example, is it A7R2 plus a decent lens to upgrade to A7R4 when A7R5 is released, or A7iii to upgrade to A9ii or ...

It would probable either be:

A7Rii + a couple of lenses, and keep my Fuji kit as a second body. Gradually sell Fuji lenses that I have replaced with full frame gear. Maybe end up keeping the XT2 + the f2.8-4 kit zoom and 55-200 long zoom for an all purpose kit, and have the A7Rii with primes for dedicated purposes. I would then sell the Rii and get the A7Riii or A7Riv when they drop down to a similar price point.

Or A7Riii, get a zoom and a lens, and then sell my Fuji kit to pay for it and then maybe get another lens. Stick with a 1 camera system. Probably end up keeping it until the Riv or R5 drops down to a decent price point.

Something along those kinda line, I think. In theory.

If your main interest is landscape then the A7R2 is a bargain, if handheld macro then the A7iii is the one, etc.

I do a bit of everything. I probably do more landscapes (and street) and macro than portraits and people, but I'd like to even that out a little. I actually would have expected the higher resolution of the R series to win out for macro, as the ability to crop and the extra detail both seem really useful for handheld macro shots of bugs etc (which can be a pain to get perfectly where you want it in frame).


Thanks for the great set of questions, gave me a lot to think about, and I hope my answers prompt some advice from you. Especially as I've had to write all this out twice now!!

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