Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Might be fun

Battersea wrote:

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Zinch wrote:

As a side note, I think that anyone that is serious about photography won't rely in a device with an unprotected lens that they keep in their pocket or worse places...

You can mostly sand down the lens. I thought they were talking about generated scenes and objects like a high detail video game does. Some of the current games even have virtual cameras that you can change position, f-stop on and focus point. Add vignetting and such to really bring out the generated seagull against the water and generated bokah.

After all, why stop at computer generated lens effects. Generate the whole thing with the iPhone photo app and win photography contests.

The lens on the smart phone only to scan an object into its generating library.

More of our virtual future.

It will likely be fun. Especially for those less mobile. Those who can't get out and physically take the art photos they dream up.

Current game rendering that will only get better:

Playing with focus on guy or focus on girl.

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