Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

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Re: Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

Mr_Win wrote:

Nirurin wrote:

flbrit wrote:

Low light is where the A7III wins out for my use.

As far as I'm aware (and I may be wrong on this, I'm only going from what others have reported / reviews), the A7Rii / iii and the A7iii are pretty much the same for low light, once you take into account the ability to downscale the image to reduce noise?

that is right, I really havent noticed any difference and shot extensively with the R2, R3, 73, and A9, they are all ball park when it comes to high iso noise, only difference is high iso video, the newer gen totally blows out the R2 for high iso video, I'm talking about 2-3 stops difference.

Interesting. Is the A7Riii the same (similar) as the A7iii for this?

As at the moment the A7Riii and the A7iii are the same price, it might push me to grab the Riii over the Rii...

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