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Re: Just sent in files from an S45

Sue Anne Rush wrote:

Thank you for this info..... I have a Pro 1

Could you please follow make a set of shots with different WB settings available? Please?

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Luckily I had a charged battery for my S45. I just took a fresh batch of raw shots with all the different white balances.


It is interesting that 1.0 firmware relies on Auto WB even when a preset WB is chosen (all embedded JPEGs have the same white balance, independent on the preset; you can add .jpg extension to .thm files to see it, too: S45_8328.thm -> S45_8328.thm.jpeg). This behavior changes with 1.02 firmware, where WB presets actually work. We can't thank you enough for the set of samples you've sent us.

I didn't know there was an S45 firmware update. I shot raw right from the beginning with this camera I so never paid any attention to JPG WB. I used BreezeBrowser's raw converter (which was a wrapper around the Canon SDK) and just wrangled WB in the BB converter until the images looked good.

I couldn't see how the BB raw convert works on the images I sent you. the current version of BB crashes when I try to convert an S45 raw file. I think Chris Breeze said something a while back about Canon dropping support for older models in the SDK. I didn't care at that point because I had moved on to ACR. And don't use the S45 much anymore.

But the WB in the images do look all the same in BB (except for the one taken with 'flash' WB,) which I didn't pick up on. The illumination was direct flash so the images shouldn't all look the same when the camera was set to different WBs. Win 10 supports .CRW, so Explorer displays thumbnails from the .CRW files. They all look the same in Windows explorer (except for the one with 'flash' WB.)

Glad I could help.


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