Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Unique qualities of paras

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Good on ya for doing this kind of careful testing and sharing the results. I'll just add a couple of considerations that seem missing.

First, the "hardness" of light is largely determined by the size of the source as seen from the subject's position. Thus, a large focused para in close can create soft highlight/shadow transitions, despite the collimated nature of the light. I use a 5' Paul C Buff PLM this way for portraits. The light, as you say, does look "sunny", i.e. contrasty, due to the shiny silver surface of my PLM. But, it also looks soft, thanks to the large size of the PLM. This makes a fairly unique look. You don't often see contrasty and soft together, at least not indoors.

Well, it's because there is no perfect parabolic modifiers except if the surface is super smooth and mirror-like.

With PLM, which is not perfect parabolic, the light not 100% paralel. Some small part of the light is scattered and hit the shadow part which can be seen in photos I posted, where the edge of the shadow is not crisp as if using bare head strobe.

It's still a hard light and not soft at all.

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