Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

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Re: Old question, new year - Cheap A7Rii vs A7iii?

Nirurin wrote:

So I'm looking at breaking into the world of full frame, and it's pretty much between these two cameras.

I can get a decent used A7Rii for about £800-£900 (sometimes with a kit lens, which might not be great but it's usable and sellable later), while a new/nearly new A7iii body is more like £1250-1300.

While I know I'd love the faster and better AF of the A7iii, the big ol' 42mp sensor in the A7Rii is a temptation, and the saving in money could get me started on a lens or two.

I've read a lot on this comparison, but mostly the threads are from early 2019 or 2018, and in a lot of them the A7Rii was actually more expensive than the A7iii or similar in price... so things seem to have changed.

Just curious to see what people suggest / any opinions for me

(Use case is fairly general - landscapes, street, portrait, macro. Probably not much action, but would like to be able to lock onto pets and people when needed. Currently using a Fuji XT2, so if AF is equal to or better than that then it'd be fine.)

For general purpose get the A73. Much more enjoyable,  battery life is much better, firmware much improved even if it still kinda lame, just a much more confident tool.

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