My thoughts after moving to the R from Sony

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Re: My thoughts after moving to the R from Sony

I shot with Canon also, and eventually strayed for the Sony A7R when it was a pre-order. I fell in love with the small form factor of the NEX 7, and when the A7R came out I turfed my 5D2. I absolutely loved the A7R, and subsequent A73, which I still shoot on now.

When I jumped ship, I kept a lot of Canon glass. It was painful to lose the glass. I had high hopes of adapting it, but that it never flew as well as I had hoped until the latest firmware for the A73. I will say however, that with a sigma adapter, the latest firmware has my Canon 50mm 1.2 working better than it did on any Canon body, with perfect focus, and even perfectly operational eye AF. I have never been more happy with my Sony!

All that said, I was EOS R Curious. Excuse my jumbled rant...the body feels awesome in the hand, I love the extra twiddley bits, like the slippy slidey button, and especially the extra control ring. Unlike the OP, I don't care about EVF/LCD resolution as much - I'm only using them to establish framing and exposure for a moment, where as the picture (output of the sensor) will hang on my wall, or someone elses long after my eye is out of the view finder - i.e. I find the Sony just fine, and don't notice much difference to be frank. What I do wish for - sensor stabilization in the Canon! The 50 1.2, on the A73, with in body stabilization is gold - low light photography has never been so easy. Comparing eye AF on the most recent firmware from both Canon and Sony, I might go as far as saying I prefer the Canon to be honest, but I don't use it often enough to say for sure - I like that canon let's let pick which eye you want to focus on though! I like the tilt/swivel action of the Canon LCD better. So, with the xmas/boxing day deals I picked up an R for 1785 CAD at Aden Camera in Toronto. I must say, I love it so far, for how little I have shot with it. I think I'm stuck invested in two systems now. Both are beautiful cameras - not sure you could go wrong with either. Looking forward to shooting with the Canon.

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