Did Sony just change the game with the new A7R4 ?

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Re: Did Sony just change the game with the new A7R4 ?

Manzur Fahim wrote:


I have not used a GFX camera first hand but I have uploaded raw files from that body in Capture One for Fuji.

some of the images using the 110 portrait lens had an amazing unique look which I have not seen in a full frame camera

with the release of a 63 MP body Sony might have closed the gap

perhaps some GFX owners could look at the new available image and confirm one way or another if this is true or a falsehood ?

They tried.

I own both A7r IV and GFX 100. Sony upgraded the resolution, but that is all there is in terms of closing the gap. GFX and its lenses carries a special rendering together, and the sensor and the lenses are matched in performance. That is not the same thing with Sony. They will need better lenses to utilize that resolution properly. I can see three lenses that they have works very well with A7r IV in terms of rendering and quality:

Sony Planar T* FE 50mm F1/.4 ZA

Sony FE 24mm F/1.4 GM

Sony FE 135mm F/1.8 GM

I used to own GFX 50S as well. And I can honestly say, between these three cameras, in terms of image quality and aesthetics, GFX 100 comes first, 50S comes second, A7R IV comes third.

In terms of performance though: A7R IV is unmatched. GFX 100 comes second and 50S last. I have both because sometimes I need performance over quality, although rarely.

Maybe the Zeiss Otus lenses for FF come close with the G-mount lenses? I have read some interesting comparisons by Jim Kasson (he frequents this forum so I don't want to elaborate on that). And I have no experience myself with both systems.


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